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Best Vlogging camera under $500

Best Vlogging Camera under $500

So you create your vlog channel to make videos. You are trying to get entertaining, exciting, motivating and interesting something to look forward to people watching your videos. so you have to pick the best vlogging camera.
1.Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX99

The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX99. Additionally, a first for the Cyber-Shot DSC-HX99 series of cameras, the RX100 III includes Sony’s advanced High-density Tracking AF technology, which concentrates AF points around a subject to improve tracking and focus accuracy. The Sony Cyber-shot HX99 is for those who want a lot of optical zooms, but don't want the added size of an ultra-zoom bridge camera - as can be seen below, the Sony Cyber-shot HX99 is considerably smaller than an ultra-zoom bridge camera.

The camera is compact, being one of the smallest travel zoom cameras available, and weighs in at 242g with battery and memory card. It's easily pocketable, fitting into trouser pockets. The camera body is most…